Festively sparkling

Clairette de Die Tradition is a sweet and fruity sparkling wine, made up of 90% of the white muscat grape variety and 10% of the white clairette grape variety. It is vinified according to the ancestral dioise method.

Bright and golden, this wine owes all its originality to the subtle aromas of muscat and its fine pearly bubbles.

These grapes, which exhale intense and fragrant aromas, are harvested from old vines over 40 years old.

Ideal for celebrating an event, this wine goes well with all desserts. It is also appreciated as an aperitif and can be served with foie gras.

This low alcohol wine (7 to 8°) is to be tasted young (before two years) to preserve its fruity aromas and to be served very fresh (5 to 8 °C).

Bouteille de Clairette de Die Tradition

Natural winemaking process

The harvest is done manually. The grapes are delicately pressed. The juice is filtered and kept at low temperature in vats. A slow start of fermentation, so as not to lose the precious sugar of the grapes, then begins.
At the beginning of January, before the grape must is completely transformed into wine, it is bottled. The fermentation will continue in the bottle for at least 4 months, releasing fine bubbles, this is the foaming process.
Thus is obtained a slightly sparkling wine, naturally sweet, because the sugar of muscat is not totally transformed into alcohol. It then contains only the sugar of the fruit (no addition of sugar or yeast).