Originality at the heart of the effervescence...

Clairette de Die Brut is a medium dry sparkling wine made from 100% Clairette Blanche grape variety, produced according to the traditional method which asserts its great personality.

The originality of our Clairette de Die Brut lies in a long aging of 3 years, bringing finesse and elegance to this wine.

Its aromas, characteristic of the clairette grape variety, its fine and light foam and its pale gold color make it a wine to be enjoyed as an aperitif, plain or in kir. It can also accompany a meal as well as seafood.

These grapes are harvested from old vines over 40 years old, with low yields.

This wine reaches an alcohol degree of 11°, it should be served very fresh (5 to 8 °C).

Winemaking process

The harvest is done manually.
After pressing the grapes and first fermentation of the must in vat, we proceed to bottling for a second fermentation (foaming).
Then, after a long aging of 3 years, disgorging is practiced (removal of the deposit).
The Clairette de Die Brut is finally ready to taste.

Bottle of Clairette de Die Brut