Clairette de Die

Discover the Clairette de Die Lantheaume

Winegrowers from father to son for five generations (1830), I perpetuate the know-how and quality of an original method (ancestral dioise method) and artisanal winemaking.

My vines are located in Barsac, in the heart of the Clairette de Die appellation vineyard, between the Alps and Provence, at the foot of the Vercors massif. They are exposed on very sunny limestone and pebbly hillsides.

Surrounded by mountains and marls, the vines benefit from a microclimate with warm days and cool nights bringing a beautiful ripeness to the grapes.

Barsac is located in the department of Drôme, between Die and Crest, on the banks of the river Drôme.

Exploiting 6 hectares of vines, my goal is to produce quality wines while respecting the terroir and nature.

My winery is one of the smallest private wineries in the Clairette de Die appellation.

Concerned about preserving the environment, I have been working in sustainable agriculture for about fifteen years and the cultivation of my vineyard is traditional (tillage and manual harvesting).

Clairette de Die is a sparkling wine known since antiquity and has enjoyed AOC status since 1942.

Quoted by Pliny the Elder in the year 77, this wine was formerly called Aigleucos. To preserve it, the Voconces, ancestors of the Diois, plunged the jars into the icy water of the torrents.

I vinify two wines: Clairette de Die Tradition and Clairette de Die Brut.

I reserve you the best welcome in my winery to let you taste my wines.